Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ahh, the newest project. He's going to be a sort of voodoo witch doctor when he's finished. Made of a mixture of Super Sculpey III and Primo. Finished, he'll probably stand between 10-12."

Sorry. I forgot to take pictures of the armature.... Still getting used to this whole 'document your progress' thing. Don't worry. It was nothing spectacular. This part is much more fun. Now, onward to the forearms and skull!

Sunday, July 25, 2010



Ink and Watercolor on the most wonderful paper ever made.

Thanks again, Bo and Sam!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just back from ICON6...

...And two of the resolutions I made for myself were that I'd
a. start a sketch blog, and
b. go through the sea of business cards I picked up, and take a look at the work.
Nothing wrong with hitting two birds with one stone, yeah?

Here are some of the amazing people I met, along with some I already knew:

First off, my fab room mate, Courtney Bernard

And more of the CCS crew from ICON6:
Veronica Bayagich
Ray Domzalski
Emily Crowley
Tyler Scarlet
Ngianhormua Yang
Mike Chabot

Other awesome people from around the world:
Monica McClain
Steve Simpson
Hugh D'Andrade
YuQuan Tan
Tom Wheeler
Topher Sipes
Christopher Thomas
Mollie Little
Pat Kinsella
Craig Yoe
Cliff Cramp
Janet Hamlin
John Jay Cabuay
Andrea Offermann
Diana Levin
Jacob Romeo
J. Anthony Kosar
John Hendrix

These guys weren't at ICON6, but they're incredible, and since I'm making lists anyway...
Andy Brase
Mark A. Nelson
Tim Bradstreet
Gris Grimly
Lee Bermejo

Thanks for making ICON6 so great, guys!


Uh. This is a WIP shot of a thank-you I'm doing for my cousin in Chicago. He sent me a really super-awesome 'sketchbook' awhile ago (it's more of a leather-bound scroll), so he'll be getting this in the mail shortly. This is the inked stage... soon to go on to watercolor. I wanted to do some sort of priest[ess] that could be from any culture... Um. Yep.

Thanks, Sam and Bo!